Our Privacy Policy
We respect your privacy and this document outlines our policy for protecting your privacy and describes what information we do collect and how we use this information.
COOKIES: offeroasis.co.uk may at times use cookies for the purpose of simplifing and customising our visitor experience while using this web site. Any cookies we may use tend to last no longer than 30 days after which point are automatically destroyed along with any information they may be holding.

Cookies we may set on your computer will never, under any circustances hold vital personal information about you. Typically we use cookies to store information about what pages have been visited whist visiting our website and when they were last visited, which in most cases is essential for offeroasis.co.uk to know.

SESSIONS: Sessions are sometimes used instead of cookies, however the preference is purely technical as the information we store in sessions are identical to that of cookies. Sessions are destroyed as soon as you close the browser window.

VOLUNTEERED INFORMATION: Offeroasis.co.uk makes use of online forms to request information for a variety of reasons and purposes. Forms that ask for personal information would mainly be used for purposes of registration or in order to gain access to member content.

In the event that a particular form is used to gather data about you to pass on to a third party, we do ask your express permission, which you can consent to by ticking a checkbox and we make sure that you are fully aware that the data you are submitting will be passed on to a third party.

DATA RESPONSIBILITY/RETENTION: When subscribers register for our mailing list through our online forms or through carefully vetted partners, your personal data is stored securely on our servers and only ever used to contact you for marketing purposes. We never pass on user data to any other source.

Typically we retain subscriber information and personal data for no more than 90 days after the last interaction with our communications. This means if you fail to open any of our newsletters within a 90 day period, we assume you no longer wish to be a subscriber and therefore remove you from our mailing list and archive your subscriber information for eventual deletion from our database.

Our website is secured using 2048-bit encryption so you can rest assured that you are browsing our website in a secure environment and any interaction with online forms are also secured.

The data profiles that we store on our databases are held securely and access to the databases are limited to key essential personnel only.

If you have any further queries regarding our privacy policy that have not been answered here, then please use our contact form to send us a query.