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(EXPIRED) - Free Garden Race Track for Kids

Free Garden Race Track for Kids
Ended: Dec 31 2018 | Votes: 123
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Read on for instructions on how to make this garden instalment. It does require a bit of elbow grease but the look on your children's face when they see it will be worth it. See the facebook page linked for some inspiration on how to make this lovely garden feature.
Here is how to make the garden race track
  • Start by digging out the track in any shape you like
  • Use fine Ribbed Rubber Garage Flooring Matting which you can buy on here
  • The draw the lines and roundabouts in permanent marker.
  • Add a few flowers in and around to track for aesthetics.
  • Send the kids out with their toy cars for hours of outside imaginative play.
If you're going to be spending some time in the garden have a look at the video below featuring 20 gardening tips that will help you persoanlise your garden and save you a bundle.
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There is so much you can do in your garden to persoanlise it and it needen't cost you much if anything at all. Have a look at this fabulous youtube video featuring 20 awesome DIY Ideas for your garden. It's a must view!